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Plant a tree, build your green future

Project author: Anna Nahapetyan

Country: Armenia

Address: Yerevan, Armenia

Date: 2012-09-16 09:12:00


The project is aimed at awareness raising on the impact of environmental issues in Armenia with different layers of society in the form of a campaign directed to the prevention of environmental issues risk consequences on Armenia. Due to the lack of information, the majority of the population isn’t aware of the danger and prevention-directed activities of environmental issues. The project intends to get the target community acquainted with the ongoing situation to bring about a tangible change in this matter and result in the decrease of indiscriminate use of resources, environmental pollution, indifference and lack of awareness among the population as well as to teach practicing sustainable consumption.

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Clean environment

Project author: Peresolayk Roman

Country: Ukraine

Address: H13, Закарпатська область, Україна

Date: 2012-08-28 14:12:56


В основі проекта лежить створення системи моніторингу довкілля поблизу обєктів безпосереднього забруднення із врахуванням кліматичних умов. Створення даної системи далоб  можливіть доступу до інформації в реальному часі і як наслідок можливість швиткого реагування на випадок розвитку надзвичайних ситуацій.Також використання даної системи відкриває можливості на більш безпечне раціональне використання територій прилеглих населених пунктів та захист населення від забруднення.Хоч й існує поняття встановлення санітарних зон навколо екологічно небезпечних обєктів але як відомо забруднюючі речови можуть долати немалу відстань перед тим як осісти на землю. 

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Caucasus Green Center

Project author: Forum for the 21st Century Leaders

Country: Armenia

Address: Nalbandian 26, 0010 Yerevan, Armenia

Date: 2012-08-24 13:01:44


OUR PROPOSAL - CAUCASUS GREEN CENTER aims uncovering myths and transforming realities through cooperative learning, communication and performance, while performing as a social enterprise managed and maintained by regional youth team to provide competent training, research and meeting facilities, i.e. affordable and quality physical space and services for future green orientation and cooperation in the region. 

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Director of PAUCI

Euro-bus 4: “European Youth to Ukrainian Communities” has become an annual project following the celebration of Europe’s days in Ukraine. Project was aimed at solving two basic problems: stereotypic thinking about Ukrainians and EU citizens among each other and passiveness of Ukrainian rural youth and their low motivation for civil activity. Read more...





Executive Editor Citydog.by

67 percent of Belarusians have never been to an EU state and 51 percent have never met a foreigner. It is clear that the Belarusian regime is not interested in opening up the country, but what about the EU and its focus on people-to-people contacts? Read more...




national youth council of moldova

In 2011, National Youth Council of Moldova (where I'm President now) was developed a project to support youth organizations and youth in the process of monitoring and evaluation of the public local budget reserved for youth dimension. Read more...