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Test-strips for the children with diabetes

Project author: Karine Mkhitaryan

Country: Armenia

Address: 27 Azatutyan Ave, Yerevan, Armenia

Date: 2012-08-31 16:07:24


The transformation from one economic system to another intends reforming of a number of fields, which definitely arises negative social response. The government reduces the financing of a number of spheres. As a result of crisis situation in the economics of the Republic Armenia the financing of public health has been reduced and the financial services market does not support the operating system of health insurance. The crisis situation in the economics of the Republic of Armenia has displayed a negative impact over a number of spheres in the issue of which the government has to reduce the financing of the mentioned spheres. The primitive medical examination and care is not accessible for the people who live in small cities and villages, accordingly for the vulnerable groups, which often leads to a bad outcome. In the European counties diabetes does not bother people, whereas in Armenia it is still a heavy and labeled disease. The issue becomes more complicated because of improper awareness of the population about the disease.

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