eRadu Center

Project author: NGO '''E-RADU''

Country: Moldova

Address: strada Stefan Cel Mare, Călărasi, Moldova

Date: 2012-09-14 11:17:50


The eRadu Youth Center will be an important private youth center developed to meet six important needs and ideals in our community:

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KIOSK - cultural information point / public platform for participation

Project author: Oberliht, Young Artists Association

Country: Moldova

Address: Strada Bucureşti, Chisinau, Moldova

Date: 2012-09-14 09:25:33


Following the series of projects titled INTERVENTIONS ( 2006 – 2008 ) Oberliht association launched the KIOSK project in 2009. Embodied in FLAT SPACE – a cultural information point and a platform for public participation, it aims to provide continuity to the previously organized activities and offer an alternative within a cultural sector dominated by institutions inherited from the Communist period. Installed on a tiny segment of municipal ground, squeezed in between cars aggressively taking over the sidewalks, FLAT SPACE plays the role of an active agent of bottom-up civic involvement, understanding cultural engagement as social action capable of producing a critical culture. The activities built around it address, in its immediate surroundings, the urgent question of public space. In a broader way the project offers the basis for the analysis of the cultural, social and political realities of one of Europe’s suburbs. CONTEXT The transition from state socialist model towards a liberal market economy favored private interests over public, while the function of urban space became subject to consumption rates and investors’ priorities. It took about one year of negotiation with the local authorities to obtain permission to install flat space downtown, next to newly built office buildings, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and luxury living spaces along with the parking lots that continue to shrink those spaces still available to accommodate public interest, thus determining to a great extent the actual built environment of Chisinau. The process of privatization of public property creates an urgent need to deal with public space in terms of its protection. Topics related to urban planning and development of the city are more and more present in the public sphere and are demanding greater attention on the part of the authorities and of civil society due to the role that urban planning and architecture play in projecting public space in the city, and thus fostering or diminishing social cohesion or increasing/decreasing opportunities and representation for most members of society. So far it is still essential to answer the question of who is shaping – and according to which principles – the public space, and also that of whether the population takes part in this process and how this process has evolved over the last two decades. A certain degree of uncertainty regarding these processes encourages the circulation of a call for action, followed by a set of activities, firstly in a form of analyses of the ongoing processes of privatization, city planning and manipulation with real estate, and secondly through concrete actions meant to give back to public spaces their initial function. http://chiosc.oberliht.com/

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Debating club for adults in Minsk

Project author: Debating club for adults in Minsk

Country: Belarus

Address: Chyrvonaarmyeyskaya Vulitsa, Minsk, Belarus

Date: 2012-09-14 07:20:19


Learning to debate is a valuable skill.  It develops the ability to create strong arguments and to speak with clarity and conviction. Usually debate clubs are formed within schools, universities and youth clubs. But there is lot of interest from the general public as well, who also want to learn how to debate and critically examine issues around them.  Besides, many people when they leave college still would love to keep debating.  I’ve looked to see if there is a debating club for adults in Belarus and actually I found none.  I know that there are such clubs in London, New-York and Paris that seem to be quite popular. My proposal is to create similar debating club in Minsk for people of all ages and all occupations. People with all levels of ability and experience would be welcomed

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