Renewal old spring water sourse

Project author: architect V. Kubicki

Country: Ukraine

Address: вул. Погулянка, 26А, Львів, Львівська область, Україна

Date: 2012-09-15 16:28:54


UKRAINIAN Проблема: Закинуте і загаджене джерело у м.Львові (Венглінське джерело або джерело Прибило), на території історичного парку Погулянка, над яким знаходиться напівзруйнована кам’яна споруда давнього водозабору. Частина споруди, яка має безсумнівну історичну та архітектурну цінність, ймовірно датується початком ХV ст. 

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Prevention of suicide among Young people

Project author: Center

Country: Azerbaijan

Address: Shamakhi, Azerbaijan

Date: 2012-09-15 13:31:01


Today there was another news about suicide committed by 11 year old child because of family problems (http://qafqazinfo.az/AZ%C6%8FRBAYCANDA_5_CI_SINIF_%C5%9EAGIRDI_%C3%96Z%C3%9CN%C3%9C_ASDI-25362-xeber.html). Such events are very increased these days in our country,especially in regions. 

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“A Hot Line”

Project author: Hasmik Azibekyan, president of

Country: Armenia

Address: 4010, Yerevanyan street #3, Town Noyemberyan, Armenia

Date: 2012-09-15 10:49:57


n the past 10 years our Republic of Armenia, and especially our region, Tavush, has experienced a heavy transitional period, and these difficulties have reflected on the population of all regions of Armenia.  The social  unemployment situation of the inhabitants in these regions in comparison with the city dwellers is very low. The unsolved social problem has become the reason for a set of trafficking cases in the regions, where many people from the republic travel to other countries with the hope to earn “large money” and to help their families.

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it is important?



Director of PAUCI

Euro-bus 4: “European Youth to Ukrainian Communities” has become an annual project following the celebration of Europe’s days in Ukraine. Project was aimed at solving two basic problems: stereotypic thinking about Ukrainians and EU citizens among each other and passiveness of Ukrainian rural youth and their low motivation for civil activity. Read more...





Executive Editor Citydog.by

67 percent of Belarusians have never been to an EU state and 51 percent have never met a foreigner. It is clear that the Belarusian regime is not interested in opening up the country, but what about the EU and its focus on people-to-people contacts? Read more...




national youth council of moldova

In 2011, National Youth Council of Moldova (where I'm President now) was developed a project to support youth organizations and youth in the process of monitoring and evaluation of the public local budget reserved for youth dimension. Read more...