Брама Вялікага княства

Project author: Віктар Клімус

Country: Belarus

Address: ул. Героев обороны Брестской крепости, Брест, Беларусь

Date: 2012-09-10 13:15:39


 Праект па графічнай і 3D рэканструкцыі сярэднявечнага Брэста, ад якога на дадзены момант не засталося ніводнага будынку. Праект прадугледжвае стварэнне сучасных сродкаў візуалізацыі страчанай архітэктурнай спадчыны гораду (3D макету, турыстычных буклетаў, сувенірнай прадукцыі з выявамі знішчаных помнікаў архітэктуры) і інфармацыйна-асветніцкую кампанію для жыхароў Берасця.  Берасце (сучасны Брэст) - адзін з самых буйных і старажытных гарадоў на тэрыторыі Беларусі.У гісторыі краіны ён адыгрываў вялікую ролю на працягу ўсёй гісторыі існавання: Брэст першы з сучасных беларускіх гарадоў атрымаў Магдэбургскае права, тут дзейнічала адна з першых у ВКЛ друкарняў, манетны двор, тут заключалася царкоўная вунія і мірная дамова пасля першай сусветнай вайны.Архітэктура старога гораду не саступала гістарычнаму значэнню Берасця - горад называлі "Брамай Вялікага княства", "Горадам храмаў", "Літвінскай Венецыяй".Гэты горад быў цалкам знішчаны ў сярэдзіне 19 ст. дзеля пабудовы на яго месцы вайсковай фартэцыі.

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Empowering Refugee Women and Youth

Project author: International Center for Human Development

Country: Armenia

Address: Sayat Nova Ave, Yerevan, Armenia

Date: 2012-09-10 10:13:23


Two major groups of refugees are identified in Armenia. The first includes those having already naturalized, i.e. have applied for and have been granted citizenship of Armenia and the second are those who still hold the status of a refugee. There is no accurate statistics on the number of refugees in the country, and the difference between the official and unofficial data is rather large, ranging from 3,000 to 30,000 respectively. However, whatever the number, both the naturalized citizens and refugees still remain marginalized and not integrated to the local society. Integration remains the major problem for these groups from the late 90s till today, and quite few efforts have been made to address the issue, whereas it become even more urgent in the light of Syrian conflict, which has already forced many Armenian families out of Aleppo.

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green bikers building green mentality

Project author: Nature Friends

Country: Azerbaijan

Address: Baku, Azerbaijan

Date: 2012-09-10 08:30:10


  Project name: green bikers building green mentality  Project duration: March - August 2013 Project staff (volunteers): 5 person  Proposal: It is no secret that the petroleum based internal combustion engines found in automobiles are a main contributing factor to environmental degradation.  Unfortunately, there is a peculiar stigma placed on anyone other than young men (under the age of 14) wanting to ride a bicycle in the regions outside of Baku.  This results in a massive missed opportunity for people to replace their gas-guzzling cars with environmentally friendly bikes and save money in the process.  We will take the lead and provide a high-profile positive example, which will result in a nation-wide increase in social acceptability for riding bikes.  There are many secondary benefits of this project that are no less substantial in their favorable impact upon Azerbaijan:  Cycling is a healthy activity that increases cardiovascular strength, circulation, and endurance.  Moreover, history has proven cycling to be an effective tool in the struggle for gender equality by providing women a means to break free from oppressive clothing and travel restrictions.  Azerbaijan is in desperate need of these changes. Aim: To involve civil society actors (especially youth), including municipal and executive structures who live in and around the Absheron region in addressing the challenges of environmental clean-up and protection efforts through bike action project.  20 active students will be selected by the organizing team (through a competitive application process) to lead by example and ride bicycles as a group from Baku through the different regions of the Absheron Peninsula, making stops at the major district centers along the way (Khirdalan, Biladjary, Novkhany, Pirshagy, Mardakan) to speak with onlookers (who will no doubt congregate upon seeing such a spectacle) about the importance of staying environmentally aware and the myriad positive benefits that can be generated by making simple everyday choices such as riding a bike rather than driving car. Riders will also conduct a brief survey asking these populations what environmental initiatives they would like to see in their regions and will be guided in training methods, environmental awareness topics and strategies for encouraging people to take an active role in civil society prior to the bike action activities. The action will culminate with a press conference to maximize the exposure of their efforts and report their findings beyond the target area and will formalize a report of what environmental initiatives to be submitted to local authorities requesting concrete actions. A dedicated group of citizens will conduct a publicized long-distance bike ride to raise awareness of the serious environmental challenges Azerbaijan currently faces. Predetermined “meet and greet” points along with coordinated attire and appropriate adornments will provide an opportunity for these riders to share their message of using environmentally friendly alternative methods of transportation and survey onlookers about what types of environmental initiatives the people would like to see the government take.     

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Director of PAUCI

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