ხევსურეთის (მუცოს) ტურისტული ცენტრი

Project author: პაატა ვარდანაშვილი, გელა დაიაური

Country: Georgia

Address: Dzmebi Kakabadzeebi St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Date: 2012-09-12 22:20:35


პროექტი ორიენტირებულია ადგილობრივი მოსახლეობის დასაქმებასა და ტურიზმის სფეროს განვითარებაზე ხევსურეთში, მოიცავს როგორც ეკო-ტურიზმს, ასევე სათავგადასავლო ტურიზმსა და კულტურული მემკვიდრეობის პოპულარიზაციას. საპროექტო განაცხადი ეფუძნება ხევსურეთის ტურისტული პოტენციალის ამაღლების, კერძოდ, უნიკალურ ისტორიულ ციხე-ქალაქ მუცოში ტურისტული ცენტრის მოწყობის საჭიროებას, რაც განპირობებულია ხევსურეთში  ტურისტების ნაკადის ზრდით.

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Park Renovation

Project author: Eugenia Mocanu

Country: Moldova

Address: R34, Țiganca, Moldova

Date: 2012-09-12 14:18:40


Problem: The park in the village of the Tiganca needs renovating. The soccer field currently lacks clear boundaries, the stairs on the small bridge leading to the park collapsed, the stage/concert area needs re-paving and floods after a short rain, the volleyball and basket ball courts are in such disrepair they are no longer usable, and the area where cultural events are held needs to be redesigned.

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Open Social City CRM

Project author: NGO

Country: Ukraine

Address: Myru Ave, 12, Zhytomyr, Zhytomyrs'ka oblast, Ukraine

Date: 2012-09-12 06:06:29


Most cities in Ukraine are in disrepair, funds for the operation of municipal infrastructure lacks or they are not used efficiently. Instead, residents do not know what the planned funds, buildings, roads and other facilities will repair many of these needs include funds.And most importantly they have no possibilities to determine which are urgently for them, can’t participate in the implementation and using their skills to save their own money and less spending budget.

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it is important?



Director of PAUCI

Euro-bus 4: “European Youth to Ukrainian Communities” has become an annual project following the celebration of Europe’s days in Ukraine. Project was aimed at solving two basic problems: stereotypic thinking about Ukrainians and EU citizens among each other and passiveness of Ukrainian rural youth and their low motivation for civil activity. Read more...





Executive Editor Citydog.by

67 percent of Belarusians have never been to an EU state and 51 percent have never met a foreigner. It is clear that the Belarusian regime is not interested in opening up the country, but what about the EU and its focus on people-to-people contacts? Read more...




national youth council of moldova

In 2011, National Youth Council of Moldova (where I'm President now) was developed a project to support youth organizations and youth in the process of monitoring and evaluation of the public local budget reserved for youth dimension. Read more...