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Project author: CIORBA Valeriu, SIRGHI Ludmila, BRENICI Mircea, MAZILO Vica

Address: Coloniţa, Colonita, Moldova

Country: Moldova

Date: 2012-09-16 22:14:23

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Development of information portal of Colonita village, Chisinau municipality - Colonita.EU, created and managed on a voluntary basis by a group of local youths. It is the platform where inhabitants feel at home in any corner of the world they accesses this site, express their opinions, come with proposals and ideas for the village. It is an open platform for collaboration, development which everyone can join.  Because "EU" in the site name signifies not only a pronoun, and an abbreviation of the European Union, we believe that we have an "open eye" to Europe and that it will open an "eye" for the future of our village - particularly through our countrymen abroad. We intend to put a special emphasis on Colonița diaspora. We want to hear life stories of those who, starting from the village - for a time or forever - carry with them a piece of this city. There are people who have something to say and could come up with new ideas for Colonita development following the example of other countries. In addition we are going to develop other dimentions: to create informative web pages for public bodies in village - school, nursery, health center, house of culture and the church - through which we can inform villagers about all their activities.


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