eRadu Center

Project author: NGO '''E-RADU''

Address: strada Stefan Cel Mare, Călărasi, Moldova

Country: Moldova

Date: 2012-09-14 11:17:50

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The eRadu Youth Center will be an important private youth center developed to meet six important needs and ideals in our community:

·         Activity center for youth. Through the international Public Achievement program, a group of youth surveyed the community and expressed a strong need to create a place where they can go after school rather than hanging out on the streets.

·         Technological knowledge. Developing the technical skills of young people will be key to improving the social and economic conditions in Moldova.

·         English language ability. Greater fluency in English is important for Moldova’s integration into the European and world communities.

·         Civic involvement. Youth must learn how to work with political organizations to effect change. The eRadu Youth Center is the result of the civic Public Achievement program, and the center will continue working with the local government to learn how to voice their opinions and to implement community projects.

·         Life skills. The center will offer a cooking class and other lessons to help youth develop the life skills they need to live independently.

·       Voluntarism. People must know that you need to give for obtaining something. We have spent the past year working hard developing the plan of action and repairing the facility that will be the youth center.  We have equipment to begin the technology and education programs, but we will need to obtain additional technology equipment and educational resources to expand the programs.    

The youth council will work with the local public administrations to learn about civic involvement. The young people will learn how to use our center’s technological resources to promote and accomplish civic improvements. All youth members will be able to participate in our youth council meetings and be part of all volunteering opportunities set up by the council. We will have a comprehensive English program. We plan to recruit local English teachers, Peace Corps volunteers, and current students who have shown exceptional language ability in English. The lesson plans will revolve around the use of our technological resources for learning. We believe by using computer programs and applications as our material, our students will learn the language progressively faster than in a normal school setting. Our type of youth center is a new idea for the Republic of Moldova. By strengthening the youth in our six ideals for success, I Eugenia Radu, will put forth this vision to my fullest ability so that our Moldovan community may someday prosper.   


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