International Corner in Kakheti Region

Project author: Giorgi Rostiashvili

Address: David Kipiani St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Country: Georgia

Date: 2012-08-25 20:22:54

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Hello guys! I am happy to have a chance to share my idea with you. You probably know Georgia is a developing country on its way to westernization, democratization and internationalization. I come from very beautiful Eastern region of Georgia- Kakheti. Kakheti is famous for its ancient way to make & preserve wine and winery. Georgian government's project of remodeling cities entirely - making new infrastsructure, attracting tourists has been successful. I want to add my project in educational direction:

I want to open English Corner in Kakheti region: English Corner will have several sections: computer labs, huge library with English books and English teaching classes. Tourists are keen on Kakheti - as one most interesting parts of Georgia, but there are some troubles in communication with foreigners. Most of old people do not speak English. The majority of local youngsters can just say  "Hello" "Good Bye" and so on (which in my opinion is not good fisrt of all for local people and then for tourism development in Kakheti). So I want my lovely Kakhetians more westernized - so that the majority of young people could speak English fluently (moreover, there is a big intelectual potential), could handle with at least MS office & Internet, could be flexible in communication with foreigners. This will be significant for their success in nowadays world. I think Kakheti region and local people deserve to have one large-scaled center on their way of modernization and their future success.

I ,as one of the graduates from master program in American Studies, will do my best (tutoring, assisting students in various activities) to start this project somehow. 







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